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2019-09-30ALL Branches

[2019/Oct/1~Nov/20]Enjoy the taste of Autumn!

Sapporo Kanihonke has prepared Special Crab courses 《KAEDE》&《HAGI》for you to enjoy the taste of Autumn.
They are available from Oct/1~Nov/20.
Don't miss this chance to savor the famous Matsutake mushroom,sweet chestnut,and much more!
  • Appetizer
  • Crab TOFU w/Chestnut
  • Shark fin soup with Crab
  • Honke Assorted Sashimi (Crab, Sweet Botan shrimp and 3 more)
  • HOKKAI Roasted King crab (Butter flavor)
  • King crab & Snow crab Tempura w/Maitake mushroom
  • Five grains Kamameshi(Dashi flavored rice with Crab & Matsutake mushroom)
  • Clear broth Crab soup w/Matsutake mushroom
  • Fruit Yogurt
Total 9 dishes
7,480 JPY incl. tax
  • Appetizer
  • Crab TOFU w/Chestnut
  • Assorted Sashimi on drift ice (Crab and 2 more)
  • Crab and Eggplant grilled with Miso paste (Shigiyaki)
  • Crab Marimo Autumn style
  • Grilled King and Snow Crab FUUMIYAKI
  • Crab rice porridge w/mushroom
  • Fruit Yogurt
Total 8 dishes
6,490 JPY incl. tax
※The actual dishes in some cases may differ due to the market condition.
※Available during 2019/Oct/1~Nov/20 only.