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Authentic Crab Cuisine

The Hair crab served at the restaurant is delivered fresh by air directly from Hokkaido, Tomakomai.
Each dish is carefully cooked to enhance the original taste of the crab and served in a style where customers can easily dine.
This is the place where you can enjoy the best Authentic Crab dishes.
We also take special care for the ingredients used so that customers can spend a healthy long life.

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Ambiance of Japan

At Sapporo Kanihonke, the wooden material used in all buildings are self-sourced to match the self-designed floors of each restaurant.
Enjoy the interiors at Sapporo Kanihonke which give full life to the beauty and dignity of Japanese architecture.

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Attentive Service

Welcomed by staffs in Japanese Kimono, you can experience the elegant beauty of Japan, the courteous Japanese service while enjoying delicious crab dishes.
The moment you step into the restaurant becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Smiles that arise from dining delicious food. We thank all customers visiting Sapporo Kanihonke. Hospitality is our No.1 motto.
As we see our customers out we send our gratitude and the hope of meeting again in the near future.

Sapporo Kanihonke

Number 1 in Japan

1. The amount of Snow Crab used

2. The amount of Hair crab used

3. The amount of Mozuku Seaweed used

4. The amount of pure Japanese Zelkova used

5. The amount of Red Pine (for beam) used

6. The number of tables made of Japanese Zelkova
(Pure Zelkova used in private rooms)

7. The number of chairs made of pure Japanese Zelkova

8. Number of elegant stoned gardens

9. Number of restaurant floors

10. Number of traditional Japanese pot hook